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The SCNHC is a congressionally designated National Heritage Area of the National Park Service. Since 1996, we have been committed to preserving and promoting the natural, historic, and cultural assets of a 17-county area of South Carolina. In 2012 we launched www.eeinsc.org, an online communication portal for educators.    

Building off the success of www.eeinsc.org, we spent over 15 months researching programs that bring together K-12 environmental education programs with the growing STEM industries across our state.  What we found is that no program of this kind exists in South Carolina, or even the Southeast.  So, YES! was formed and will be implemented beginning in September 2019. 

Environmental education teaches students that a healthy business and a healthy environment work hand-in-hand.  Environmental education also provides students with a foundation of leadership, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that will benefits companies focused on sustainable business practices.  Students who engage in environmental education and leadership training become employees who help companies reach their sustainability goals and improve their bottom line.

Students who participate in YES! will not only receive leadership training, they will also be introduced to jobs and higher education paths to South Carolina’s growing STEM-related industries. 

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