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 YES! is the only program of its kind in South Carolina.  We are the hub connecting high- caliber environmental education programs to teachers and students.  Through our program students will receive valuable leadership training and will have access to our partnership network of companies seeking to hire a quality workforce.

What does environmental education do?

Environmental education teaches students that a healthy business and a healthy environment work hand in hand.  It also provides students with a foundation of leadership, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that will benefit companies focused on sustainable business practices.  Students who engage in environmental education become employees who help companies reach their sustainability goals and improve their bottom line.

Why being a YES! Supporter is good for your business?

  • Improves brand image and competitive advantage. Consumers consider a company’s impact on the environment in considering where to purchase goods and services and they favor companies that actively support their communities: businesses do well by doing good.  In addition, a great public image attracts the caliber of people whom you want to employ and brings investors to the table.
  • Connects you to the next workforce generation. Through the YES! Summit and YES! Internship Program, your company will be connected to students interested in becoming a valuable part of your team.

Additional benefits:

  1. Positive Public Relations
  2. Coverage in The Southern Edge Magazine
  3. Access to the YES! Internship Program
  4. Participation in the YES! Summit
  5. Educational Involvement


Abbey Stevens
PO Box 477
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Youth for Environmental Sustainability
PO Box 477
Belton, SC 29627