What is YES

YES! is a state-wide initiative that fosters interest, growth, and development in STEM related industries. 

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We have a wide array of programs for youth environmental sustainability. To see our list of programs, click below. 

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What is YES!

As the only program of its kind in South Carolina, YES! partners with universities, non-profits, corporations and government to educate students on environmental issues, promote critical leadership skills, and introduce job and higher education opportunities in STEM related industries.  This is vitally important to building the next generation of the South Carolina workforce. 

There are three key programs designed to reach students of diverse ages, interests and backgrounds.

Yes! Academy

In partnership with corporations, colleges and universities, four YES! Academies will be held regionally in early 2020. Along with valuable leadership training, these powerful one-day academies will foster interest, growth… 

Yes! Club

Clubs are designed for student leadership, growth and development.  With hands-on assistance from our team, clubs will elect officers, hold meetings, advocate and fundraise, and, ultimately, complete a school…

Yes! Kids

Through statewide system of partners, YES! Kids provides teachers with endless classroom resources. Our partners specialize in keeping material hands-on and interesting, while also correlating with curriculum standards!

what about the environment?

You can be the difference that shapes our beautiful community

We are yes! and we will be the change for south carolina’s environment.

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