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Does a faculty member have to sponsor an On-Campus YES! Club?
You do not need a faculty member to sponsor your On-Campus YES! Club. However, you do need an adult sponsor. A sponsor can be an educator, parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher’s aide, volunteer, etc.
How many members do I need to start a club?

You can start an On-Campus YES! Club with an adult sponsor and 4-6 students.

What’s the best way to get our school administration excited about YES! and our On-Campus YES! Club?

Make an appointment with key administration members and share YES! Overview and one page flyer, club materials and/or video. Contact YES and we will be happy to present or help you in any way you need.

What action do we take if a member or officer of our YES! Club does not appropriately represent the mission and vision of KEC?

See sample bylaws for full details. Ultimately, if any club members fail to act appropriately or fail to represent the mission and vision of YES!, the club can lose its status as an On Campus YES! Club. This would result in reduced or suspended funding, assistance, and/or communication from YES!.

How many fundraising events should our YES! Club put on in any given year?

There is no requirement for fundraising. Each club should decide the number of events they can support based on time, resources and number of club members.

How many community service projects should we take on in any given year?

Each YES! Club is free to set their own priorities as long as they support the mission and vision of YES!.

Is there an age requirement for participation in the YES! Club or YES! Kids?

YES! is open to students K-12.

When should we vote for club officers?

At the inaugural meeting of the YES! Club you should vote for club officers. Each successive year you should hold elections in April to help transition the new officers before the end of the school year.

Can I start a YES! Club if there is already another environmental or eco-related club at my school?

Yes. Depending on your school, there may be several classroom YES! Clubs as well as an afterschool club. It is best to only have one after school YES! Club for a given age group. For example, one after school high school YES! Club. Schools with a lower, middle and high school may consider three after school YES! Clubs or decide to combine efforts. If your school already has an after school environmental club, we encourage you to support that club and/or work together.

Do you have to be an expert in science, the environment, green technology or sustainable practices to start a YES! Club?

You do not need to “be an expert” to start and run a successful Club. Our specialists are here to help you and provide resources and guidance so you can educate others. We are here to help you get started and to provide resources and guidance to sustain your club for the long term. Just ask – whether you need help in science, leadership skills, tips for running the club or help launching your own Club website and/or newsletter, we want to help you succeed.