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Clubs are designed for student leadership, growth and development.  With hands-on assistance from our team, clubs will elect officers, hold meetings, advocate and fundraise, and, ultimately, complete a school or community project.

We understand the power of working together, which is why we have partnered with several specialists in four focus areas to give students statewide access to expert advice.  Students will have the ability to communicate with these professional individuals to select and execute school or community projects.

Regardless of the location, each concept is adaptable to any area of the state. For example, if a Club is interested in saving sea turtles, the project may engage in a litter reduction or recycling program. The South Carolina Aquarium has great resources to see how reduced waste in any area of the state effects our sea turtles!

Each club is responsible for designing how the individual club with look, work, and feel.  We have sample bylaws in the YES! Manual, but they are simply a guide. 

We encourage you to be creative; this means that if you have an idea not already listed on our page, we would love to help you make it work! Our specialists are there to help you create a project that will be manageable, measurable, and buildable.

Although we expect you to take leadership in your program, we are always here if you need a helping hand or guidance. Just remember: the steps that you and your Club take together are the foundation for change across our state. Do not take lightly the impact that your Club will be able to make. 

Litter & waste management

Each person in society contributes to the growing issue of waste management. Think of how you may throw your cereal boxes, food scraps, and plastic bags all into the same trashcan. Click here to maximize your waste efficiency. Click on the partners below to explore more. 


Air & Water Quality

The air we breathe and the water we drink has a direct effect on our health. Many pollutants have unknown effects as to how they may affect human health. Click here to learn more and improve our air and water quality. Click on the partners below to explore more. 



Many new methods of energy production have been released over the past decade. Click here to learn how to conserve energy provided by traditional methods and to learn more about alternative methods available in our state. Click on the partners below to explore more. 


Wildlife Conservation

Animals and plants rely solely on our ecosystem. With habitats being destroyed through various causes, click here to see how you can help. Click on the partners below to explore more. 


Yes! Academy

In partnership with corporations, colleges and universities, four YES! Academies will be held regionally in early 2020. Along with valuable leadership training, these powerful one-day academies will foster interest, growth… 

Yes! Kids

Through statewide system of partners, YES! Kids provides teachers with endless classroom resources. Our partners specialize in keeping material hands-on and interesting, while also correlating with curriculum standards!

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