Our Programs

Our Programs

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There are three key programs designed to reach students of diverse ages, interests and backgrounds.  In addition to these three key programs, YES! will have a variety of programs, workshops and camps through the year including career fairs, leadership training, company tours, kids day camps, and more.  Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to keep up with all of the great opportunities.

Yes! Summit

Our Summit is a 3-day event for students interested in current environmental issues and leadership. Hosted at Clemson University, we have a unique combination of environmental workshops, leadership…

Yes! Club

YES! Clubs are designed for student leadership. Your school’s team of elected officials will hold meetings, design projects, apply for funding, and reap the benefits of your efforts all while taking part in the sustainability movement.

Yes! Kids

We have endless resources for teachers to get the environmental issues involved in everyday classrooms. Our partners specialize in keeping material hands-on and interesting, while also correlating with your standards! 

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We believe that everyone chooses whether or not to make a difference every day. We at the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor constantly make choices to improve our state and we believe in encouraging others to do the same.

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